Petite Fleur Red IOD Paint Inlay

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Petite Fleur Red Paint Inlay will give you a lot of variety.  From red roses, to geometric patterns, to strings of flowers, to flower wreaths, this inlay has a lot of design to offer.  There are FOUR pages, each 12" x 16" in size.  

IOD Paint Inlays are the artisanal answer to decor transfers.  They are not a decal, they are not a synthetic film, they are not a decoupage.  When you apply an IOD Paint Inlay, actual paint is embedded into your surface, and the paper is removed, leaving an authentic painted design and a buttery painted surface behind on your piece.  The inlay is made from an artist quality paint, specifically made for decor use.  The design left behind will be slightly varied and unique for each application.  The result is visually interesting, texturally complex and sometimes even distressed looking.  The inlay is reusable.  I've used mine up to 3-4 times.  Each use does leave a fainter imprint.